If you’re not online, you’re at the back of the line. Websites and social media are the way of the future and are vastly misunderstood by many company owners as the new technology is often confusing and constantly changing.
GraphicWerx can provide you with the help and expertise to assist in deciding where your company or product should be marketed and exposed on the Internet. All companies requirements and demographics are unique and all require careful planning of online marketing budgets to decide where your hard-earned advertising revenue is to be spent.
The fact is that your company cannot be everywhere online effectively, therefore a careful and tactical direction needs to be chosen based on the client’s (and product’s) individual requirements and targeted demographics.
For example, the benefits of Facebook advertising (not having a Facebook company page) are vastly underrated and there is a general lack of knowledge in this field as it’s not a main stream medium and is generally hard to get advice on. GraphicWerx can assist you in setting up and managing a Facebook page for your business, establishing an advertising campaign that will produce tangible results of hits to your website for a nominal cost. Our web design is aimed at SME’s who want a professional look and visible presence on the web at a reasonable cost.
Take a look at some of our websites and Facebook mastheads and then contact us for info on how to get going on the web or in the social media environment.