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Part of any company with a fleet of vehicles that cannot be ignored is it’s vehicle branding. Bang-for-buck it’s the most underrated and frequently ignored form of advertising that a company can utilize. Intially relatively expensive, the returns on this form of advertising are priceless, exposing not only corporate it’s corporate image but also the communication of advertising messages.
From trucks and car fleets to delivery motorcycles, GraphicWerx will apply a corporate look that will bind the fleet together as a whole and have synergy with the rest of your corporate identity. Gone are the days of spray-painting vehicles. The new adhesive vinyl-based digital printing industry has progressed in leaps and bounds and costs have stabilized, providing clients with a cost effective branding solution that can last for many years if looked after correctly.
Whether it’s a partial “wrap” with smaller decals or a total vehicle wrap in another colour, GraphicWerx will design and present a mockup that will guarantee the maximum exposure. We do not physically wrap the cars ourselves, but we utilise preferred suppliers throughout the country who we entrust to print and apply our artwork correctly. Our clients are billed directly by the signwriters and we only bill for the time spent creating the design and supplying final print-ready artwork.
Call us for a quote on designing the branding of your next delivery scooter, car, truck or race vehicle. Signwriters wishing to farm out their design work to us are also welcome.